the marquardts - lifestyle session in logan square, chicago

I'm a woman of very few words [when I write], mainly because I'm not good with words.  The cool thing about photography blog posts is that you can let the images speak for themselves, and thats what I'm about to do.
Kyle and Ndunge recently welcomed Zora (aka the cutest baby in town) into their lives.  I was so honored to document such a special time in their journey together, and on Ndunge's first Mother's Day!

the burkhardts

Guys!! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post!  I’m excited to be back at it and I’ll do my best to post more frequently!

What better way to return than with a post about the Burkhardts’ session?

The Burkhardts are awesome for various reasons.  Yes,  they do look rad, but my favorite thing about them is their adventurous spirits.  If it wasn’t for that, this session probably wouldn’t have happened.

It was overcast and chilly, and as if it wasn’t enough, it started to drizzle.  I told them we didn’t have to stay outdoors, yet their only concern was my camera! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! :D

They walked from their apartment in Lincoln Park to Fullerton beach.  All I did was follow them and capture their sweet moments! 

Scroll down and fall in love with this sweet family! :)

nothing but sweet

For me, Fall is bitter-sweet.  I love the cool weather and beautiful colors – don’t get me wrong – but I can barely enjoy Fall thinking about what will come next (insert snow flake emoji). This photoshoot, however, temporarily relieved my apprehension.  Photographing this beautiful family was nothing but sweet.

I’m in love with the colors, the way they look at each other, and of course, the dimples!

Scroll down and see for yourself!