Hi! My name is Lais (La-ees), and I’m a Chicago-based photographer.

I mostly photograph families, children and couples.  Stylistically, I try to keep it real; that is, I aim to capture people and interactions between people in as natural and relaxed a state as possible.       

I’ve enjoyed photography since my teenage years.  I started to take it seriously 5 years ago and began to shoot professionally in 2015.

I moved from Brazil to Chicago in 2012, after marrying my husband, Greg.  We have a four year-old girl, who, without a doubt, is the subject I photograph most (as evidenced by my Instagram account:  @laisbowman).  I also enjoy cooking, reading about, and - of course - eating food!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to connect.  I love making new friends and would be happy to hear from you!